Feedback app idea

Update: I fixed a bunch of typos (😱) and added an update about questions. Keep an eye out for more posts around this idea.Today was a…

22 June, 2019

4min read

Path to Mastery App

Ever since I joined 8th Light 4 years ago as an apprentice, our apprenticeship has been changing. Sometimes it had to adapt to the needs of…

15 May, 2018

8min read

Elixir Pipeline - Configuration

In the previous post I outlined the kind of pipline I wanted to achieve. Here is a sample from my unit tests:What I particularly like is…

14 January, 2018

4min read

Transformation Pipeline

For a new project I’ve been thinking about an idea/abstraction/pattern that is really not new (few things are anyway) but I thought might be…

06 January, 2018

4min read

Long and Short of Readability

Today we talked through a rewrite of a largish chunk of legacy code. This code had been written over the past few years, with a fair amount…

04 September, 2017

3min read

Too Little Time on a Project

A while ago I wrote about what I thought it would take to have a code base be maintainable within a 4h window. I only got as far as…

30 August, 2017

3min read

Elixir Learning Objectives

Over the last week I’ve picked up a project I had sidelined for a while. Since I hadn’t looked at the code in while and I knew was part way…

23 August, 2017

1min read

What Does A 4Hour Project Look Like?

At my company, we get 4h per week (10% of our time) to work on anything we feel like will help us become better at what we do, will help the…

15 April, 2017

3min read

The ELM Confusion

Today I think I may (possibly) have understood something about ELM. Before we look at some code, here is the 5sec intro into ELM: ELM is…

12 February, 2017

5min read

Contemplating The Backlog

We were recently talking about the backlog of user stories for a project on the near horizon. We wanted to create an exemplary backlog with…

08 February, 2017

4min read

Planning In Uncertainty

Over the last year, I have attended 3 or 4 Release Train Planning (RTP) meetings. In these meetings, the entire team came together and…

30 January, 2017

5min read

#Hashtag Impostor Syndrome

I came to a realization today:I feel greater impostor syndrome on Twitter than at home or the workplace.Let me fill in some context. In the…

28 January, 2017

2min read

Fast feedback with RSpec and rerun

Recently this tweet scrolled across my time-line about using --fail-fastUsing --fail-fast with RSpec means the very first failure that RSpec…

25 January, 2017

1min read

Walking down the path again

I’ve decided to start blogging again. Not about anything in particular or for any particular audience. Just for me to gather my thoughts on…

20 January, 2016

1min read