Markdown as UI


10 June 2021

For a little script that I run every day as a form of "journal", I've been experimenting with using Markdown as a file format and Typora as my "UI", and I quite like it!

What makes Markdown so practical as a format/UI:

  • It can be aesthetically pleasing and is endlessly themable
  • Intuitive and consise markup, including todos!
  • Easy to view with tools with fancy tools (Typora et all) or simple tools (vim, cat, Notepad.txt)
  • Easy to search with tools like ripgrep, Spotlight, or Windows Search
  • Easy to version with git and the diffs are meaninguf
  • Easy to share with Github, Dropbox or email (and the receiver can use any tool to view it ❤️)

There are also plenty of parsers out there for different languages, so its fairly easy to automate the parsing, understanding, and creating of Markdown.