The Garden

A collection of notes, resources, and explorations I'm meddling with

Team Event Stream

There are loads of events happening during the lifetime of software engineering teams. Some are captured in tools like issue trackers (e.g feature requested/being built/released) or PM tools and calendars (e.g. new deadlines, or PTO of team members). There is a vast array of remaining events that go uncaptured.

Markdown as UI

For a little script that I run every day as a form of "journal", I've been experimenting with using Markdown as a file format and Typora as my "UI", and I quite like it!

Terraform Entrypoints

When working with Terraform in a dedicated infrastructure repository, we often see and similar files scattered directly in the root. This is so we can jump into the repo and immediately run terraform plan and terraform apply. Folder are then used for modules that need to be sourced in those top-level Terraform files.

Terraform Developer Experience

Recently we have been working more and more to increase the adoption of our shared Terraform modules across the client teams. Doing that we noticed a nice little pattern: Within the source of a module foo we include two more modules: roles/provisioning and policy_documents/provisioning.